Custom Soccer Balls Ordering Process


We have outlined the steps required in ordering custom-made sports balls. These steps are provided as a guide for you to understand the ordering process for custom-made sports balls. Our delivery timeframe for customized sports balls is between 4 to 6 weeks and non-customized orders of our products are shipped the next business day. Non-custom products ordered through our website will be shipped as displayed on our website. 

Please do not wait until the last minute to order your customized sports balls.

STEP 1. Place your order on our website by visiting our custom soccer balls category, Please note we require at least 50 balls order for custom balls. This means that you can add 50 units for each variation, Like size 5, 4 & 3.

Once you have placed your order then email us at, the instructions about how would you like for us to customize the balls, attach your logo with your email and order number. The order number will be contained in the confirmation email which will be sent to you after you have placed your order. 

To illustrate it clearly we have included an example logo on the right, the customer has asked us to make some green and gold Autograph mini soccer ball and imprint them with the provided logo. The all-white autograph mini soccer ball is customized to the customer's requirement.

STEP 2. Once we receive your artwork then we will have our designers make some proposed drawings of how the custom-designed balls will look and will seek your approval to start the production of your order. We will provide you with the proposed drawing of the ball within two to three business days,

Please have a look at the graphic on your right to get an idea of how the balls will look and where the logos will be placed on the balls. 

In this example, we have proposed the logo to be placed five times around the ball on gold color hexagons. We have also shown the valve panel, weather, and size stamps to give our customer the complete picture of the ball.


STEP 3. Once the artwork is approved by you and you feel happy with the logo placement. Then we will proceed with the production. The production time can vary depending on the quantity and quality of balls ordered. We can produce up to 5000 balls in a three to four weeks timeframe.

We can also send you a picture of the completed sample ball before production in case you want to see how the actual custom imprinted ball looks. 

On the right side, you can see the graphic of the completed mini soccer ball. Once your order is completed then we ship the order to your provided shipping address and the whole process is completed.  


Here is another graphic of a logo and a completed soccer ball for illustration purposes. We can design the balls professionally for you in attractive colors and designs. Call us today to discuss your custom sports balls need if you have any special requirements. Otherwise, you can get started by placing your order online and our efficient staff will create the balls that you will be proud of.