Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Q1. What does Bestsoccerbuys.com sell?

Answer: Bestsoccerbuys.com Sporting Goods, Inc. is an importer and wholesale supplier of sports-related products to schools, clubs, retailers, and businesses. Our product line currently includes soccer balls, soccer uniforms, volleyballs, footballs, basketballs, and other soccer equipment such as goalkeeper gloves and shin guards.

Q2. Is there a minimum quantity requirement for ordering custom-made products?

Answer: There are no minimum requirements for ordering customized products. However, if you order at least 150 units of our products then there are no logo setup charges. You can combine products from different categories, such as soccer balls, uniforms, volleyballs, footballs, basketballs, etc.
If you like to order less than 150 units with a custom logo, then there will be an additional logo setup charge of $120.00. The online order form has a check box if you wish to do so. Please remember to email the artwork at 'artwork@bestsoccerbuys.com'.

Q3. I do not want custom logo products and I don't want to buy in large quantities. Can I buy fewer items from Bestsoccerbuys.com?

Answer: Yes, you can buy any products you see on this website in smaller quantities at regular prices. The products will be shipped as displayed on this website.

Q4. Is there a price difference if I order in larger quantities as compared to fewer units?

Answer: Yes, the prices are based on the quantities ordered. Please review our volume discount rates for discount levels on each product detail page. The shopping cart will automatically keep track of discount rates while you are shopping. 

Q5. Are there additional costs for printing logos?

Answer: No, there are no additional charges for printing simple logos on your order if the order is at least 150 units. However, if logos are more complex and require additional work then we will notify you of any additional costs before confirming your order.
If your order is below 150 units in quantity then there will be an additional $120 logo setup charge.

Q6. Can you make balls and uniforms in different colors?

Answer: Yes, we can make balls and uniforms in any color depending on the availability of the required material in the specified color. 

Q7. What are the delivery timeframes?

Answer: For non-logo products (as you see on this website), the orders will be shipped the next business day. For customized products ( with logo and/or color variations) the order will be shipped in four to six weeks.

Q8. Can you print logos on uniforms, shin guards, or goalkeeper gloves?

Answer: Yes, we can print information about your organization on uniforms, shin guards, or gloves at a pre-specified location (as you see on this website). 

Q9. What kind of information can you print on products?

Answer: We only print information/logos on products which is the sole property of your organization. We do not print any information which is copyright protected or which belongs to a third party. We also do not print any questionable or objectionable material on our products.
We require documented proof such as a letter on the original company letterhead signed by an authorized official of the organization authorizing our company to imprint their logo or any copyrighted information on products. We reserve the right to determine if the information you ask us to print is appropriate. If we find it objectionable in any way, we will cancel your order and refund you the money.
We reserve the right not to proceed with any order where we feel that it will put us, the recipient, or any other party in a vulnerable position either financially or for any other justifiable reason. We will contact every customer placing an order to notify them of the cancellation providing a viable contact e-mail address has been given. We may not be prepared to incur extra expense, other than to use e-mail to cancel such an order. 

Q10. How do the customized logo ball and uniforms ordering process works?

Answer: We follow the following steps to customize your order.

  • Once your order with your logo is received, we will develop a sketch of the ball or uniform in GIF format for you to view with your web browser. This step is necessary to confirm the placement of the logo.
  • If you require an actual sample ball or uniform,  we will ship the sample to you at the cost of the shipping charges before starting production of the order. This process will take additional two weeks. 
  •  Once you are completely satisfied with the sample or graphic, we will manufacture your order and ship it to you.

You can also view the custom-designed soccer balls ordering process for more details.

Q11. I would like to find out more information about balls, where can I find it?

Answer: Please visit our useful product information section to learn about suggested ball sizes and materials used during their construction. You can visit read the manufacturing process for soccer balls link to get information on how the soccer balls are constructed.

Q12. How can I contact Bestsoccerbuys.com?

Answer: You can email us at 'info@bestsoccerbuys.com'.

Q13. How can I pay for my order?

Answer: You can pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 

Q14. Can you design a logo for our organization?

Answer: No, we don't do logo design work. 

Q15. Is there child work involved in the construction of your sporting goods?

Answer: There is absolutely no child work involved in the construction of our sporting goods. All the manufacturers involved with the production of our sports equipment are members of ILO (international labor organization). 

Q16. What is your return policy?

Answer: We will gladly return or replace any defective products within 30 days of delivery. Please notify us immediately if you are not satisfied with your products so we can arrange for a replacement or refund. If the product is damaged in transit, please notify the carrier and us immediately.

Q17. What is your privacy policy?

Answer: Any information we receive from you is treated as confidential and will never be shared with any third party. Click this link to read more about our privacy policy.

Q17. Do you sell any other products besides sports balls?

Answer: Yes, we have a Cricket gear website selling different cricket equipment brands in the USA. We have also launched our complete range of cricket equipment such as bats, balls, and protective gear needed to play Cricket. The brand is created under the name CE®, if you are interested in learning more about our cricket products then please visit CricketEquipmentUSA.com.