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Antique Brown Soccer Ball Genuine Leather Oldie Size 5

Antique Brown Soccer Ball Genuine Leather Oldie Size 5

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The replica is carefully created to preserve the look and feel of the older soccer balls which were used in the soccer fields decades ago. The brown soccer ball with leather and laces is made with genuine faded leather in eighteen panels. The balls are fitted with a butyl bladder for longer air retention. We recommend this ball not for playing purposes but as a decorative item in your home or office. This is a unique soccer ball that is only available at The ball is available in size 5. This item is in stock and will be shipped the next business day.

  • Material: Genuine Leather 18 Panels
  • Construction: 4 Polyester linings
  • Bladder: 80-90 gm latex
  • Weight: 420 - 435 gm for size 5
  • Colors & Design: Brown leather and laces


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