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Cricket Bat Short Handle Sharp Shooter

Cricket Bat Short Handle Sharp Shooter

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Do not use this bat to play with normal cork hard cricket balls or heavy tennis balls. The bat is constructed with a full cane handle for maximum rebound and stroke enhancing capability, this is our 2016 edition of the bat since first introduced in 2014. You can use it to play with tennis balls or tennis balls wrapped with tape for practice and leisure play. The full cane handle packs an extra sting into your drive and provides the extra force to deliver the ball to the boundary very quickly. The cricket bat weighs 2.2 lbs ( exact weight from a random sample ). Oiling and Knocking Service on cricket bats will take additional 5 days with our process using hand knocking with the combination of ball mallet and wooden hammer ballet. Linseed oil is applied initially followed by a light knocking then leaving the bat for 12 hours. There will be 12000 knocks on the bat and will be sealed with a grade A scuff sheet.
  • Sharp Shooter bat is lightweight and sports a full cane handle - For Tennis balls only
  • Lightweight cricket bat used to play leisure cricket with light tennis balls
  • Approximate weight 2.2 lbs
  • Full size cricket bat made of wood & full cane Handle
  • Great bat for playing with lighter normal tennis balls or tennis balls wrapped with tape

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Knocking Service Available For This Cricket Bat

We can have this particular bat knocked, oiled and sealed before shipping to you. In order to prepare the bat for best use, we will need 5 days for shipping, this service is provided for a fee of $50. You have the option to select this service during adding to the cart or you can simply buy the bat without bat knocking service.

The bat will arrive in ready to play condition without having to do all the work for preparing the bat. We have acquired the services of experienced batsmen to knock and prepare the bats before using them in professional matches.