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Outdoor Field Hockey Stick Black Stallion Carbon Pro

Outdoor Field Hockey Stick Black Stallion Carbon Pro

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The Black Stallion Power Curves™ is a top-range stick made of 100% Carbon, stick has immense power due to its extreme stiffness and comes in medium weight. Recommended for Pros with the highest level of skill in handling super-stiff sticks. Good looks & super awesome performance. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Available Sizes: 36.5 & 37.5 Inches.

The Power Curves™ Black Stallion is our top of the range stick, in our exciting new signature range of sticks. Switch to insane mode with Black Stallion, Power Curves™ composite field hockey stick.

Head Shape: Maxi
Bow: Low Bow
550- 560 gms for 36.5 length
550- 570 gms for 37.5 length
Shaft Curve Style: Low Bow
Balance Point: 40
Composition: 100% Carbon
Grip: Gel Incorporated Black Power Curves Grip

Recommended Playing Surface: Outdoor Turf or Grass

Advanced Modern Field Hockey Stick Technology & Key Features

Braided Hockey Stick Technology

Braided Field Hockey Sticks are specially designed with lighter weight which gives maximum strength and immense hitting impact with more power and also controls torsion during hitting.

In braided technology, a cluster of braids fabricated with a group of yarn together into a large and stronger form without edges to create tensile strength from handle to head, moreover all the fibers within a braid are continuous and mechanically locked. This means that braid is stronger and tougher as compared to matrix technology used in other brands of sticks.

GFT (Grain Feel Touch ) - The stick-playing hook area is treated with compound to have a rough surface to get more feel for the ball while stopping, dribbling, and hitting the ball.

Twin Core's unique chamber technology creates exceptional potential for strength, durability, and superb hitting power.

ESS (Extreme Stiff Stick) - High carbon stick with a percentage of 100% carbon. The compound was mixed to perfection in a mold architected for performance. Reinforced extremely stiff stick with high tensile carbon and penetrated with high-performance resin content which creates significant stiffness and sensational hitting power.

 LB (Low Bow) - Low bow with max curve location at 260 mm curve location on a 36.5" stick. Super drag flick potential.

CCF (Carbon Cloth Fabric) - Additional carbon cloth fabric wrapped on the stick to provide more grace and strength to the stick.

MFP (Multi-Finish Paint) - Different high-quality variations of paints on sticks suitable for areas to provide a beautiful appearance to the stick. 

RBH (Reinforced Back Hand) - Specially reinforced backhand by incorporating an inner layer that preserves backhand area, increases resistance, and prevents breakages.

Hockey Handle Grip

We believe that grips are as important as the stick itself, having a proper grip on your stick can do wonders for your game and help greatly in handling, controlling, stopping, and hitting the ball.

GEL Incorporated Power Curves™ grips are installed on these high-end sticks to ensure you get the soft feel and maximum grasp on the handle and make use of your skills to the maximum potential.