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Catching Practice Coach Bat

Catching Practice Coach Bat

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Lightweight cricket catching and fielding practice bat, designed for coaches to enhance fielding and catching. The bat is padded with high-density foam to send the ball fast and high than a normal cricket bat.

Catching and fielding are vital in any cricket game. Dropped catches and sloppy fielding can really hurt a team and can be a deciding factor in winning or losing a match. Coach training bat is a great training tool to enhance the performance of a team in the field. Catches win matches as they say, so if you are a coach or a player then it is the best tool to improve your ground fielding and build your reflexes to take stunning catches.

The wooden bat is about half the size of a normal short-handle cricket bat and is designed in lightweight with a front-hitting surface padded with dense foam, which allows the rebound speed of a cricket ball to be much faster than a normal bat. The bat is available in pink-colored wood & black foam & grip.