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Cricket Bat Quick Silver Fiberglass Composite Lightweight

Cricket Bat Quick Silver Fiberglass Composite Lightweight

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High Tech Composite cricket bat with awesome brute power for playing leisure cricket with light tennis balls. The bat is lightweight approximately 2.4 lbs with a thick profile. Great ping and drive power, waterproof for playing under wet conditions.
  • Lightweight cricket bat 2.0 lbs for leisure play. Strong bat made from Fiber Glass Technology
  • Full-size short-handle cricket bat meant for playing leisure cricket with lighter tennis balls
  • Water-resistant cricket bat with colorful CE orange silver design
  • Factory-installed tricolor bat grip for a better grasp on the bat
  • Powerful drive capability to send the ball over the fence

Elevate Your Cricket Game with the Quick Silver Fiberglass Composite Cricket Bat

Are you ready to play cricket like a pro and dominate the pitch? Our Quick Silver Fiberglass Composite Cricket Bat is the ultimate choice for every aspiring cricketer. Crafted with precision and designed for performance, this bat offers a plethora of benefits that will take your cricket game to new heights.

Powerful Performance

  • Fiberglass Composite: This bat features cutting-edge fiberglass composite construction, providing you with unparalleled power and control.
  • Orange Edition: Stand out on the field with the vibrant orange design that exudes confidence and style.

Versatile Design

  • Tennis Ball Cricket: Whether you're playing with a leather ball or a tennis ball, this bat is versatile and adaptable to various cricket formats.
  • Full Size Short Handle: The full-size short handle design ensures that it's suitable for all players, allowing for a comfortable and powerful grip.

Lightweight Advantage

  • Lightweight: Weighing just 2 lbs, this bat is incredibly lightweight, allowing for quick and agile shots.
  • Swift Swings: The lightweight design enables you to swing faster, making it easier to play those perfect shots.

Durability and Water Resistance

  • Fiber Glass Durability: The fiberglass construction ensures the longevity of your bat, so you can enjoy it for many seasons to come.
  • Waterproof: Don't worry about the weather; this bat is waterproof, making it ideal for kids and adults alike.

Your Path to Success This bat is not just a piece of cricket equipment; it's your path to cricketing success. It's designed for the champions of today and tomorrow, and it's ready to accompany you on your journey to cricketing excellence.

Explore the Range Discover our full range of cricket bats, each designed to bring out the best in your game. From classic designs to modern innovations, our collection has something for every cricketer.

Now is the time to make a choice that will impact your cricketing future. Gear up with the Quick Silver Fiberglass Composite Cricket Bat and experience cricket like never before.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your cricket game. Take the first step towards success!

 Watch the video below to see the features reviewed for Fiber Glass Cricket Bat Quick Silver.