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Cricket Bat Set Young American Gift Wooden Cricket Sets for Kids

Cricket Bat Set Young American Gift Wooden Cricket Sets for Kids

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The new and improved cricket set for kids continues to be the most popular kid's cricket set. Great value for money, created in conjunction with MB Malik. Available in sizes 4 and 6. A gift item for children comes in a shoulder-carrying bag with stumps, a bat, and a softball. The cricket set is made of wood.

The cricket set is great for backyard, beach, or in-park cricket. No protective gear is needed as it comes with a tennis ball, an ideal starter set for young children. CE® created this set for our American kids, hopefully, some of them who start playing cricket with these sets will grow up to go on and represent the United States at the international level. Save the set and keep it as memorabilia, and after kids grow up this set will remind them of how they started playing cricket.

  • 4 Wooden Stumps
  • 1 red tennis ball
  • 1 wooden bat of high-quality willow
  • Strong carrying bag with shoulder straps
  • Great fun for indoor and outdoor use

Available in sizes 4 & 6. 

A size 4 Cricket Set is recommended for children less than 8 years old
Size 6 Cricket Set is recommended for teenagers who are 12 years old or above

Watch the video by The Founder giving an overview of the Young American cricket sets.

CE is one of our cricket brands, let me give you a review of CE kids cricket sets young American, this set is quite a success for us, so as you can see set in the video it has 1 cricket bat, 1 ball, bails, and 4 stumps. This whole set weighs 3 pounds and 5 ounces. Here’s the bat made up of very high-quality willow made in Pakistan, it’s quite clean-faced with a nice rubber grip and the bat size is 6 as it’s also mentioned on the bat.

It has some plastic all over it to protect but you can also take it off, from the sides to the bottom you can see how it looks alike, and it weighs only 1 pound and 13 ounces which is really great for young players. The blade is about 20.5 inches and the width of the blade is 4.25 inches and the total length of this bat is 31.5 inches as you can see here. And the handle is about 10pm10 inches he’s. It’s the right size for the youngster to learn or who wants to play cricket.

Also, you can get a carrying bag with this set, these stumps are for kids and the length of these stumps is about 23.5 inches. It comes with a red tennis ball it’s safe for kids it will not hurt the kids, and it has excellent bounce which is great for kids. 

There's also a size 4 bat I’m just showing the length of this one 29.5 inches in length, Weight is about 19 pounds and the width is 4 inches.