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Indoor Field Hockey Stick Composite Purple Patch

Indoor Field Hockey Stick Composite Purple Patch

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The Purple Patch is one of our new signature range of Indoor hockey sticks by Power Curves. It's a good solid stick for the player wanting good control, It has an indoor medium bow and comes with a purple look that will have you standing out on the indoor court. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Available Sizes: 35", 36.5" & 37.5".

The Power Curves™ Purple Patch is one of the ranges of sticks, in our exciting new signature range of sticks. Reinforced with fibers for strength and a thin indoor edge on the hook for best dribbling and control Purple Patch, Power Curves™ composite field hockey stick.

35.0" 430 to 450 gms
36.5" 440 to 455 gms
37.5" 440 to 460 gms

Shaft Curve Style: Indoor Medium bow
Composition: 20% Carbon 80% Fiber Glass
Recommended Playing Surface: Indoor

RBH (Reinforced Back Hand) - Specially reinforced backhand by incorporating an integral layer that preserves backhand area, increases resistance and prevents breakages.

Medium Indoor bow

Hockey Handle Grip

We believe that grips are as important as the stick itself, having a proper grip on your stick can do wonders for your game and help greatly in handling, controlling, stopping, and hitting the ball.

The Purple Patch comes with a Standard White Grip

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