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Junior Outdoor Field Hockey Stick Carbon Pro

Junior Outdoor Field Hockey Stick Carbon Pro

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Shimmering Orange Coral stick light to medium weight with grain feel a touch on the hook. Free Hockey Stick bag Included with your purchase Great ball control with a medium bow is best for midfielders. Stick is loaded with tons of features for modern-day field hockey players. High carbon 50% to 50% fiberglass ratio. Stylish high-performance stick. Available Sizes: 35", 36.5" & 37.5"

The Power Curves™ Orange Coral is one of the ranges of sticks, in our exciting new signature range of sticks. Switch to insane mode with Orange Coral, Power Curves™ composite field hockey stick.

Head Shape: Maxi
35.0" 540-550GMS
36.5" 550-560GMS
37.5" 550-570GMS

Shaft Curve Style: Medium Bow
Composition: 50% Carbon 50% Fiber Glass
Recommended Playing Surface: Outdoor Turf or Grass

Twin Core's unique chamber technology creates exceptional potential for strength, durability, and superb hitting power.

MB (Medium Bow) - Medium bow with max curve location at 310 mm curve location on a 36.5" stick. 

RBH (Reinforced Back Hand) - Specially reinforced backhand by incorporating an inner layer that preserves backhand area, increases resistance, and prevents breakages.

Hockey Handle Grip

We believe that grips are as important as the stick itself, having a proper grip on your stick can do wonders for your game and help greatly in handling, controlling, stopping, and hitting the ball.

The Orange Coral comes with a standard Orange Grip.